Thursday, July 2, 2009

Solr in Coldfusion9

ColdFusion9 now provides support for Solr search engine as an alternate to Verity. Solr is an enterprise search server based on Lucene java search library. Solr provides features like indexing searching ,caching, and a web Administrator interface. In ColdFusion Solr will run as a seperate service on a server Jetty. Solr can be installed along with ColdFusion and also as a seperate installer.

Configuring Solr:

On Administrator page ColdFusion provides interface to configure Solr. Log on to Administrator page -> Data & Services-> Solr Server. You can configure Solr Home path and port on this page. By default Solr runs on port 8983. On your browser go to


This is the Admin page for Solr, this will show you all solr collections and information about them. Any collection can be searched from here also.

If port 8983 is already blocked then Solr can be configured to run on different port by following steps:

1. Go to the location where Solr is installed (eg: c:\Coldfusion\solr). Go to folder etc and open the file jetty.xml.
2. Now search for port 8983 and replace all with new port say 8984.
3. Now log on to admin page->solr server->Show advance settings and change the Solr Admin port to 8984 and submit.
4. Restart Solr services.(Go to location where Solr is installed and run ./cfsolr restart)

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