Saturday, May 19, 2012

ColdFusion 10: Verity to Solr migration

Now that ColdFusion 10 is out and with that support for Verity has been dropped. In CF901 both Solr and Verity were supported. But now only Solr search server is available.

If you are migrating from ColdFusion 9.0.1 to ColdFusion 10 you can convert your Verity collections in CF901 to Solr and then migrate to CF10.

If you are still on CF8 (which do not have Solr) and directly migrating to CF10(which do not have Verity), there's no direct way to migrate your verity collections created in CF8 to Solr collection in CF10.

This post provides a tool to convert your Verity collections to Solr. Download this zip from GitHub and follow instructions from readme file.

However there is a difference the way a collection is created and searched. For example, Verity requires language at collection creation time while Solr language is mentioned while indexing. See Solr in ColdFusion9 on how searching is done in Solr.

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Anonymous said...

what do you mean by "From index page go to Export Collection from Verity and export individual collections: '

wher is the export collection procedure or what is it??